2 x Cucmber Roll

Inside: cucumber

Outside: n/a

2 x Avocado Roll

Inside: avocado

Outside: n/a

2 x Cucumber Avocado

Inside: cucumber, avocado

Outside: n/a

1 x Chef's Special Veggie

Inside: cucumber, carrot, mango

Outside: avocado, unagi sauce

7 rolls

All rolls are 8pcs

Serves 6 people

Special Veggie Platter


    Neshama Foods is a San Francisco Bay Area based company dedicated to providing high quality catering to our full service and corporate clients.

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    Neshama, meaning soul in Hebrew, is a sacred part of every human being. Food too, is sacred. We pledge to always use the freshest seasonal ingredients and to prepare them with love and respect. We believe enjoying good food with good people is the key to happiness. We invite you to let us cultivate a meaningful experience for you!

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